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Robbed While Traveling? This Is What You Need To Do Afterwards

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A warning sign for thieves

Over a few years backpacking, I’ve had all sort of things happen to me. Unfortunately, this includes being robbed while traveling by a ‘ladron’ or two. Multiple times. As a result, I’ve had the enthralling experience of filing many insurance claims for my travel gear. Here’s how to deal with getting robbed while traveling and not shoot yourself… continue reading »

Bariloche, Argentina: Swiss Flair at the Top of Patagonia

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man sitting on ledge looking at lake

I took the 22-hour bus ride to the northern tip of Patagonia, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina directly after arriving at Buenos Aires from Uruguay. Due to the extended travel time, I paid around 100 CAD for the first class experience with the bus company Via Bariloche. Hot tip: if you pay with cash at the… continue reading »

Saint Petersburg, Russia: The Most Surprisingly Awesome City in Europe

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grand looking palace

  The Road to Saint Petersburg   The Russian Federation always seemed like a daunting place for me to travel. With everything that happened in Crimea including the economic sanctions, dire economic conditions, and a crumbling ruble, I was a little apprehensive to go by myself. But, there was no way I was going to… continue reading »