How to Say Beautiful in Spanish in Tulum

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My third attempt at Spanish school would be in sweltering Tulum, Mexico. Roughly a month after my classes in Antigua, I found myself in Tulum renting an apartment with a couple friends for a week. To avoid drinking beers on the nicest beach in Mexico all day every day, we decided to partake in some Spanish classes. After all, learning how to say beautiful in Spanish while on the beach could prove useful.

a hand holding a beer
Just one beach beer I swear…

The Spanish School

We found a school conveniently located close to our apartment, Meztli Spanish Language School. Meztli was my most expensive Spanish school to date at 250USD for a week of 20 hours of lessons. In addition, the classes weren’t private, so there was one other student taking lessons with me. On the flip side, included in the fee was a 1 hour yoga class every morning before the lessons started.

a certificate
My diploma from one week of Spanish school. Look out world.

The Experience

The Meztli school itself was in a large open air area with some palm trees and palapas. It was nice, but not nearly as cool as my two previous classrooms in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Still, it was great to be outdoors instead of inside a classroom.
Like my previous schools, classes started from 9 am and went till 1 pm, but with yoga starting at 8 am every day. Crawling out of bed to make an 8 am appointment while backpacking isn’t the easiest task, but we forced ourselves to attend yoga every day. After all, we were paying for it.
The yoga class was enjoyable first thing in the morning. It wasn’t too hard, but I still was sweating profusely by the end due to the intense Tulum humidity. All the instruction was also in Spanish so it was a good warmup to class right after.
The Spanish instruction was satisfactory here. The teachers here used small whiteboards to show grammar and make illustrations to define points. They also changed things up a bit and added some games into the mix. My favourite was Scrabble in Spanish.
how to say beautiful in spanish in scrabble
How to say beautiful in Spanish in Scrabble. I think I failed.

The only knock was that these classes weren’t private. My level of Spanish was ahead of the other student in my group, so like in society, we had to cater to the lowest common denominator. This meant I didn’t learn as much as I could have. At least I learnt three ways how to say beautiful in Spanish: guapa, hermosa or bonita. 


My week at Meztli was an interesting and pleasurable mix of Spanish and yoga. I normally don’t practice yoga so it was fun to try it out and also to get a little exercise.
At 250 USD I felt that week of Spanish was quite expensive considering it wasn’t private. Especially compared to my last Spanish experience in Antigua, Guatemala. . I feel a considerable amount of the price was for the yoga lessons, which I did enjoy, but I would have gladly paid less for Spanish lessons without the yoga.
In the end I couldn’t recommend Meztli school because of the price of 250 USD unless one really wants to practice yoga every day. I understand Tulum is a much more accessible and popular tourist destination so prices here are higher than in Central America. That being said, other Central American schools offer much more at signifigantly cheaper prices. I don’t believe it’s worth paying the extra money to study Spanish in Tulum.
people building a sand castle
Hard at work studying Spanish



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