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Iguazu Falls vs. Niagara Falls: One Will Blow Your Mind

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Iguazu Falls waterfall

Almost everybody in the English speaking world and beyond has heard of the famous Niagara Falls, but far less know about the bigger badass brother, Iguazu Falls. To be honest, before I started traveling in Latin America, I had never heard anything about Iguazu. I had the luxury of visiting both natural wonders, Iguazu in… continue reading »

Bariloche, Argentina: Swiss Flair at the Top of Patagonia

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man sitting on ledge looking at lake

I took the 22-hour bus ride to the northern tip of Patagonia, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina directly after arriving at Buenos Aires from Uruguay. Due to the extended travel time, I paid around 100 CAD for the first class experience with the bus company Via Bariloche. Hot tip: if you pay with cash at the… continue reading »

Saint Petersburg, Russia: The Most Surprisingly Awesome City in Europe

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grand looking palace

  The Road to Saint Petersburg   The Russian Federation always seemed like a daunting place for me to travel. With everything that happened in Crimea including the economic sanctions, dire economic conditions, and a crumbling ruble, I was a little apprehensive to go by myself. But, there was no way I was going to… continue reading »